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Fall 2014 with Jessica Morrell

Claim Your Story Writing Conference
October 4
Lithia Springs Resort, Ashland, OR

Keynote speaker: Melissa Hart Write the Book You Want to Read

For information and schedule visit here. Find more information on Melissa here. Jessica Morrell and Midge Raymond will also be teaching.

anchor 2     The Anchor Scenes of Fiction
     October 18, Manzanita, Oregon

This workshop will explain the must-have scenes that make up drama. Why? For a   story to hold together and create impact and potency it needs to hold together. Foundational scenes and underpinnings are required. Your structure will reveal the protagonist’s struggles to solve problems and achieve goals. This, in turn, brings emotions to life and explains the importance of what a character is trying to achieve and what stands in his way. Finally at the story climax the meaning will emerge from the resolution and what has gone on before.


     From Idea to Storyautumn road
     November 8, Portland, Oregon

Writers have long grappled with the problem of taking a flash of inspiration through the marathon process of completing a finished work. That flash is your premise. But a premise on its own is flimsy and needs the perfect characters to bring it to life along with events that bring meaning to the story. We’ll address key issues that must be confronted if you are going to assemble a myriad of pieces into a seamless whole. These issues include finding a shape for your story; how to treat plot and character as interdependent; how to avoid typical pitfalls such as languishing middles. We’ll discuss forces and fears at play while writing, including the inability to finish. The workshop will also focus on how to best make tough choices while writing and staging events in a rational order. Participants may bring a brief outline of their plot and first three paragraphs.

All events require pre-registration and payment. Space is limited, so you’re encouraged to register early. Claim Your Story: $125
Anchor Scenes: $80
From Idea to Story: $75

Payments can be made by check or through PayPal.






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