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Power Writing

Powerful writing simmers, brims, sweats on the page and slips into the reader’s brain, senses and emotions with a compelling vibrancy. With this in mind, Power Writing offers a means to put your thoughts into words, improve and energize your writing style, and breathe life into sentences.  Sessions will illustrate how to create writing that is sensory and grounded while using sounds and precise language and images to communicate meaning. We’ll also focus on voice, how figurative language adds ‘music’ and depth; how to employ high-energy verbs, ‘word grenades,’ and sound bursts for punchier prose.  Other devices will be explored to help writers create more immersive stories and essays that leave a lasting impression. The sessions will include writing exercises, examples, and handouts.

Tuesdays, 3:30-6:00

January 21-February 25th

Mt. Hood Community College, Gresham, Oregon

The catalog description is here.

please contact the college for enrollment information here


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  4. Grace says:

    I loved your lecture at Willamette Writers. Do you teach anywhere in PDX?

    • Jessica Morrell says:

      Thanks so much. I teach my own series of workshops and classes. I took time off last year because of surgeries and moving, but am starting up again. My next workshop is Writing as Resistance. It’s happening on April 28, in Multnomah Village. I’d be happy to send you the information via an email.

    • Jessica Morrell says:

      Actually the date is Saturday, April 29

  5. Kristina says:

    Will you bring doing more workshops towards the end of 2019 in Oregon?

    • Jessica Morrell says:

      Thanks for your interest. I’m going to be teaching a class at Mt. Hood Community College beginning October 1–Power Writing. Will be teaching online classes and live classes starting in January. Will be posting them here.

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