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Motivation: Why Your Characters Do What They Do, part 2

  Motivations are the reason characters attempt any action in a story. Think about it. It’s morning here and I’m drinking my first cup of tea with the windows open. Been waiting months for a mild, sunny morning because I like to listen to the birds. They’re chirping and tweeting and making a ruckus. One […]

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NaNoWriMo Tip #2

Plot is a Verb: Quick and Dirty Plot Outline Jessica P. Morrell ©   1. Logline: A one sentence description of what your story is about. It describes the main conflict/problem and the main players. 2. Central Conflict:   3. Protagonist: Main Traits: Quirks & Weaknesses: Story Goal: 4.  Antagonist: Main Traits: Quirks & Weaknesses: […]

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