Practical insights for writers from author and developmental editor Jessica Morrell

Amp up Tension Word by Word

Here’s a project I’ve been playing with –1130 words that will amp up tension in your writing. Because no tension, no propulsion. Because no tension, no unease in your readers. And you want your readers worrying, fretting, wondering. Not to mention frayed nerves. (You’ll find more information on tension and how to achieve it in […]

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Quick take: Turn down the lights

Setting is a powerful device for creating tension in fiction. When you’re planning scenes where danger lurks, here’s the trick:  turn down the lights. Link moonless skies, gray curtains of rain, or gloomy weather to a deathbed vigil, a battle scene, or harrowing journey. Force characters to travel down lonely, lawless stretches of road.  If […]

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