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Word of the day: glean

GLEAN: Original meaning was to gather grain left behind by reapers after the harvest (Middle English). These days it has come to mean gathering information or other resources bit by bit, with some effort or to gather gradually. With thanks from Robert MacFarlane. Keep writing, keep dreaming, keep collecting words

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Amp up Tension Word by Word

Here’s a project I’ve been playing with –1130 words that will amp up tension in your writing. Because no tension, no propulsion. Because no tension, no unease in your readers. And you want your readers worrying, fretting, wondering. Not to mention frayed nerves. (You’ll find more information on tension and how to achieve it in […]

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Word by Word: Openings make a promise to the reader

It’s full-on summer. and nights are again growing quiet after the raucous explosions from Fourth of July celebrations. Roses are spilling over throughout town, heat blasts from the sky until it bakes everything below including the miserable clay soil I’ve inherited in this yard, the roads are filled with campers and trailers, vacationers heading to […]

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