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Why Your Characters Do What They Do, part 1

You might have noticed it’s been quiet around here.   A few weeks ago my lower back went to hell and has been spasming and freezing up on me at the most inconvenient times. Sheesh. But onward.  On April 4 I gave a talk at the Willamette Writers meeting in Portland about  goals, motivations, and […]

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Location, location, location!

As a follow-up to the workshop I taught last weekend at the Willamette Writers Conference, here are tips and hacks for creating a fictional world that resonates and causes things to happen: The spirit and traditions of a place are not just inert background or the canvas to showcase emotions; it is part of the […]

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Fiction is about the most interesting events in your protagonist’s life

If your story is not the most dramatic, intense, and difficult circumstances in your protagonist’s life, why then are you writing it?

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