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Practical insights for writers from Jessica P Morrell

Bitter Truth: Time is a tyrant

Writing and finishing your short story/novel/memoir will likely take longer than you planned. Anyone who has every hired a contractor to remodel their kitchen or bathroom knows this. Things just can and do go wrong. The factory doesn’t have the right tile in stock. The electrician never shows up. Meanwhile, you’re cooking on your camping […]

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Bitter Truth: It’s best to play nice

Play Nice…. Because if you don’t, the sad truth is that it will come back to bite you.  I’m no Miss Manners, nor a saint, never will be, never aspire to be. I’m opinionated, I interrupt, I procrastinate, and I complain too much. This is just a small sample of my maladies.  So we can […]

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Brutal Truth: The so-what factor matters. A lot.

      Recently I got into a kerfuffle with a writer about an essay she’d written. It was a heartfelt chronology about a loss that was mostly a step-by-step medical report. Before I go further, you need to know that this person is lovely, intelligent, and tender. But she forgot about the so-what factor […]

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Bitter truth: Being a late bloomer means you’re in a fight against time.

        Last month I met with a writer who is about my age. We were chatting about a novel she was working on and the conversation turned to aging. We fall into the over fifty category much as this shocks me to write. She is working on a novel and is involved in  a critique […]

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