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More tips on introducing secondary characters

A bit cooler today I’m happy to report, but more blistering temperatures on the way. Awhile ago I posted this example of introducing an unforgettable  secondary character from the great Leif Enger’s novel Virgil Wander. You can find my column here in case you missed it. I’m going to talk about it during my virtual […]

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The magic of characters–including co-stars

Long after the intricacies of a fictional plot fade from a reader’s memory, the characters linger with an almost physical presence, a twinkle of personality, unforgettable actions, and their happy or sad fates. Fictional characters whisper their secrets, allow us to witness their most intimate moments and sorrows, and trust us with their messy emotions, […]

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Join me in September for Virtual Workshops

How are you doing out there in Writing Land? Can you believe it’s August? We’re in the midst of another heat wave in Oregon today (insert profuse sweat and gnashing of teeth) which is beyond unwelcome since we need rain and forest fire season is upon us. I rose early to water, so ended up […]

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Join me in Bellingham, WA at the Chanticleer Authors Conference, April 20-22

I’ll be teaching on Saturday and Sunday, April 21 & 22 at the Chanticleer Authors Conference in Bellingham, Washington as part of a stellar lineup of presenters and experts.  The conference begins Friday, April 20. You can find the schedule here and details for registering here. There are a number of options for attending, including the […]

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