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The Writer’s Way: Decisions, choices and moral dilemmas

The cornonavirus pandemic news is nonstop and unnerving as death tolls rise and the federal government’s woefully weak response is causing panic buying and mass confusion. I’m not going out much these days, but when I’ve ventured forth in the past few weeks the eerie, nervous atmosphere is unsettling.  A spooky, living-in-a-sci-fi movie state of […]

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Location, location, location!

As a follow-up to the workshop I taught last weekend at the Willamette Writers Conference, here are tips and hacks for creating a fictional world that resonates and causes things to happen: The spirit and traditions of a place are not just inert background or the canvas to showcase emotions; it is part of the […]

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Quick Take: Introduce your Antagonist with Flair

           When first introducing your antagonist in the story beware of bringing him or her onto the stage as passive or low key. Now, it’s true that some antagonists are out to fool the protagonist from the get-go, but his or her true nature needs to be hinted at.  Or the antagonist’s agenda can be […]

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