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Quick take: Fiction is about the cost of things.

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Nov• 26•19

Fiction is about the cost of things. I swear by this statement. Use it to guide your storytelling. What will your protagonist lose along the way? How much will he or she suffer? Sacrifice?

Is the cost justified? Will readers realize the cost or sacrifice is too great before the protagonist will?

Does the protagonist understand the cost involved or is he or she naive? Untested?

Can you make the toll affect several aspects of the protagonist’s life? Can the plot exact physical, emotional, financial tolls? Will the cost involve another character? A vulnerable character?

Will the protagonist be exposed, peeled bare while paying the cost?

Will other characters try to dissuade the protagonist from paying the price?

Can you make the cost or sacrifice or pain visceral and believable?

Can you identify the cost in stories you read?


Keep writing, keep dreaming, have heart

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