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A Room with a View or Not?

Written By: Jessica Morrell - May• 19•14

I’m inspired by the solace of nature, particularly the Pacific or a dense forest, sun dappling golden on the branches. Then again  the lullaby burbling of a  creek or river is my ideal soundtrack as I write.

Annie Dillard in The Writing Life advises: “Appealing workplaces are to be avoided. One wants a room with no view so memory can dance with imagination in the dark.”

What do you think? Where do you write? creek

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  1. A view is nice where I can rest my eyes away from the computer screen once in a while and I don’t feel like I am in prison. “A dense forest, sun dappling golden on the branches.” describes my view. A chair so comfortable I quit writing for the day because I must not because I am tired of sitting. I have found the best posture for long hours has already been designed. You find it in sports cars designed for long hours of driving. Plenty of wall space for my notes.

  2. jessicap says:

    Thanks for checking in. I love thinking about you in your sports car and sitting with your dense forest view. Sitting at this desk for hours is one of my biggest problems–it’s too hard on my back and neck.

  3. Jana says:

    My writing room has a window with curtains. I like to have the option of seeing the world outside, the snow, the rain, the hummingbirds returning to their feeder. But some days the curtains are closed to the outdoor distractions. My only view on those days are the two computer monitors on my writing desk, as I climb inside the world of my novel.

    • jessicap says:

      Jana, A view you can block out sounds ideal. I have curtains and a blind in my office and since it faces east, need to use them in the summer. Whatever it takes, right?
      Best, Jessica

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