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Written By: Jessica Morrell - Jun• 02•14

June flowers

Last night we were eating dinner in the back yard. Birds were darting in to the feeders, down the block someone was practicing on an electric guitar, and the air was soft as velvet. Although it’s still not summer, it feels likes it.  The roses are abloom all over town and the greens have deepened to a summertime hue.

In the midst of all this wonder it’s a good time to review your writing goals. I know I am, aware that time is not forgiving. But there is still time in the calendar months ahead for big, messy dreams. For manuscripts to be completed, plans drawn for revision, contacts made.

Before the sweetness of the season nudges you out of doors, before the honeyed afternoons call, make your plans. Schedule writing sessions in your calendar.  Carry notebooks  everywhere. Collect the scents and glories of the season.  Search for colors and coax out the ghostlike ideas and images that nag at you.





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