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Line by Line Workshop on November 10

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Oct• 31•12

Line by Line: How to Rewrite, Rework & Reword taught by Jessica Morrell
November 10, 9-5 Tabor Space, 5441 S.E. Belmont, Portland, OR Cost: $75
Every good writer is also an editor. The tough thing about self-editing is learning what to keep, what to lose, and what to leave well enough alone. This workshop will give you perspective on all of that. We’ll cover the all-important level of line editing—or how to make each sentence and paragraph sing, how to choose words for potency and resonance, and how to transform clunky sentences and paragraphs into smooth beauties. You’ll learn how to tighten baggy sentences, turn weak verbs into strong ones, and use parallel construction. We’ll be line editing examples throughout the workshop including the participants’ first paragraphs since everything hinges on them. The aim is to polish so the pages are not only easy to read, but a pleasure to read. Generous handouts and cheat sheets will be supplied. We’ll cover:
• How to line edit for elegant, powerful sentences.
• How to edit so that your manuscript appeals to today’s agents and editors.
• What to leave unsaid and how context shapes our decisions about language and imagery.
• 10 ways to give less than perfect sentences a makeover.
• How to wrangle word usage, looking out for misused words, overused words, crutch words, and words which do not belong.
• When to chop clutter and excess prepositions, amp up language, learn where to place emphasis and word grenades.
• How to spot flatness, lack of variety and lack of verve.
• How to retool the language throughout so that it’s more evocative.
• How to correct basic grammar and punctuation problems.

Jessica Morrell has been teaching writers since 1991 and works as a developmental editor, instructor, and writing coach. She is the author of Writing Out the Storm; Between the Lines, Master the Subtle Elements of Fiction Writing; Voices From the Street, The Writer’s I Ching and Bullies, Bastards & Bitches, How to Write the Bad Guys of Fiction and Thanks, But This Isn’t For Us: A (Sort of) Compassionate Guide to Why Your Writing is Being Rejected. She’s been a columnist since 1998, contributes to The Writer and Writer’s Digest magazines and anthologies. Described by a writing conference attendee as “a torrent of information” and by Natalie Goldberg as “an incredible teacher” her workshops are filled with practical information that can be immediately put to use.

To register: Contact Jessica at jessicapage(at)spiritone(dot)com
Space is limited and registration is required.

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