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Quick take: Use Weather Verbs

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Aug• 20•15

We’ve been suffering  through a series of punishing  heatwaves stormcloud with eyehere in the Pacific Northwest and I’ve been longing for a rollicking thunderstorm to sweep through, spit out icy rain,  drench the place and cool the air. Oh, to be able to change the weather.

Which brings us to verbs, because they add oomph to your sentences. Use verbs that typically describe severe weather,  including clouds, storm fronts, waves,  and natural disasters.  TIP: Search out nouns that can be used as verbs.

icyclesThunder, storm,scorch,  blaze, scorch, freeze, boil,  cloud, bloom, flood, heat, glare (as in sun), shower, rumble, slash, burn, billow, surge, morph, drip, roil,loom, sting, flash, unleash, splinter, thresh, splinter, echo, singe, sting, crash, pour, tumble, churn, flood, chill, creep, crash, drench, flare, numb, storm, bluster, blind, soak.  Vivid verbs have muscle.

Keep writing, keep dreaming, have heart

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