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300 new words in Scrabble dictionary

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Oct• 05•18

English is an ever-evolving and vital language. Influenced by  everything from hip hop to high tech  to Facebook, it reflects an ever-evolving culture. Proof: Merriam-Webster has just published the sixth edition of The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary updated with 300 new words. It seems to me that in the Scrabble world that’s a lot. Some of them like yowsa, ew, and ok seem like no-brainers. Others like facepalm, emoji,  bitcoin, hivemind, beatdown, and listicle attest to how times are a-changing, wouldn’t you agree? Then there’s frowny, an old word brought back into common usage. I plan to start using it. Find more information about the new words including 106 two-letter words here.

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