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A new year, a new word

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Jan• 01•20

Fresh beginnings are so promising aren’t they? The new, unknown and possible all before us. An empty road leading toward the future. Or like an untrammeled wilderness in the cold, an empty sky, a blank page.

If January 1 is your blank book, what do you intend to fill it with and how will you accomplish it? And what will guide you?

I have a simple suggestion for some extra guidance. On this first day of 2020 consider choosing a single word that will enhance your commitment, lead you onward, awake what is dormant in you. A word compass that will guide you forward, remind you of your goals and beliefs when you’re weary or discouraged. A word that contains your vision of the coming year.  This is sometimes called a ‘word of the year’ and it holds your mindset, focus, and intentions.

I find that this word provides better guidance than making resolutions. It’s a personal North Star. It underlines what is possible.

Here are a few suggestions: Write, Balanced,  Strength, Strong, Grace, Unstoppable, Limitless, Healthy,  Rebuild, Persistence, Abundant, Creative, Discipline, Bold, Passionate, Grounded,
Consistent, Intentional, Brave, Focused, Gratitude, Courage, Thrive, Authentic, Present, Powerful, Potent, Progress, Power, Powerful, Plenty, Potential, Possibility

Suggestion 2: Make it visible. Write it down then place or post it where you’ll see it many times in a single day. I write mine in my writer’s notebook and day timer and sticky notes I place around the house.

Suggestions 3: If the perfect word doesn’t immediately occur to you, don’t fret. Brainstorm or trust that it will arrive unbidden. Or ask for it.

Keep writing, keep believing, have heart

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  1. Happy New Year, Jessica. I’m not good with resolutions so have been using the One Word idea since 2011, starting with JOY. Since then I’ve chosen THANKFULNESS, FOCUS, DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE and a few others I can’t bring to mind at the moment. I didn’t choose one for 2019, but am searching for an appropriate one for this new year. Maybe one will pop out at me if I go through your list of suggestions again. You didn’t mention what your ‘One Word’ is going to be. 🙂

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