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Cheryl Strayed on Grit, Healing, and the Writing Life

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Nov• 04•21

I’ve used the word grit more in the past  few years than I have in my lifetime. And, alas, in the past few months I’ve needed so much grit and resiliency that I’ve had to dip deep into my reserves.  I dare not run low.

If you’re also needing more steel in your backbone, read Cheryl’s wise words. Oh, and she’s as wonderful and real in her everyday life as she on the page and in other circumstances.

You can read it here at LitHub How Cheryl Strayed Learned to Ride into Battle.  Because sometimes we need to be warriors as writers, parents, political activists, and planet guardians.  She writes: “You have to acknowledge that often the best things you do are painful and complicated and difficult and exhausting and require us to be out of our comfort zone.”

Keep writing, keep learning, nurture grit

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