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From Idea to Story workshop on November 8

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Oct• 28•14

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     November 8, 9-4:30

     Tabor Space, Portland,           Oregon





Writers have long grappled with the problem of taking a flash of inspiration through the marathon process of completing a finished work. That flash is your premise. But a premise on its own is flimsy, must be build up and needs the perfect story people to bring it to life until it becomes a compelling, awe-inspiring tale of… whatever it is you long to tell.

This workshop, for writers of all levels, will address key issues that must be confronted if you are going to assemble a myriad of pieces into a seamless whole. These issues include finding a shape for your story; how to treat plot and character as interdependent; how to avoid typical pitfalls when working. We’ll discuss fears at play such as an inability to finish and how to achieve the habit of completion. We’ll cover the basics of plotting, or if you’re writing a memoir, choosing the right elements and order for it. Participants are encouraged to bring a brief outline of their plot and the first three paragraphs.

• Determining if your premise is a true compass that will keep the story on track.
• How human brains are hardwired for stories.
• The basic underpinnings of stories—the anatomy of scenes and the all-important anchor scenes that hold it together.
• How believable, important stakes power the story.
• Strategies for handling pacing anxiety and the urge to pad instead of plot.
• Perfectionism, mistakes, and daring to make them.
• Making tough choices about what to leave in and what to leave out.
• How stories and endings are based on the protagonist’s deepest needs and fears.

The cost is $75. Prepayment is required to register. Contact: jessicapage(at)spiritone(dot)com

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