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Giving Tuesday: In Case You Missed It

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Dec• 01•15

In the spirit ofgiving-tuesday-logobecause stories matter, I’m  bringing back In Case You Missed It,  a round-up of information geared toward writers. It’s been a while since I posted this column, so I’ve gathered a few goodies for our tribe, from our tribe, including books  that might belong under yourgiving hands bleeding heart Christmas tree or Hanukkah gathering.

A long list of Creative Writing Contests, Poetry Contests & Grants from Poets & Writers is here  ( I realize that  the first ones have today’s due date. Keep moving through the list)

How do you curate your ideas? I create a manila folder called a Tomorrow File with bits clipped from magazines, photos, post-it notes and such. I also maintain a writing candle flamenotebook. There is one propped open in front of my computer screen as I type these words. You’ll find several articles on spark files online, but Steven Johnson’s might  be the most complete and thoughtful. Here’s the link.

Art and Activism I cannot imagine a more potent combination can you? But then most art is giving back, giving voice, creating community, connecting.  Read what Nikia Chaney has to say in Art and Activism: It Is What We Are at Poets and Writers here.

I think we forget about the quiet, powerful moments of protest. Writing is protest. Each day we push past the immediate judgements and stereotypical assumptions we make. We write and challenge each other in that writing to see us and everyone else for who we really are.

Jess Lourey, one of my favorite authors, has written a stunning piece at her blog. It’s called The Truth in Fiction and is excerpted from her upcoming book Better Than Gin.  You need to read this. You really do.

CraftingTitlesbyELyonfrontcover2560x1600a350dpiAuthor/mentor/editor Elizabeth Lyon has  written another in-depth book on craft that just might change your approach to creating titles. Because titles sell.  You can find it here.

The autumn edition of The Writing Life newsletter was sent via email to my list of subscribers. If you didn’t receive a copy, want to subscribe, or update your email address please contact me at jessicapage (at) spiritone(dot) com.

I’m a contributor to a beautiful anthology published by Blended CoverSeal Press and edited by Samantha Waltz, Blended, Writers on the Stepfamily Experience. A few weeks ago Samantha and I were guests on Dmae Roberts KBOO radio show Stage and Screen. You can hear the podcast here. You can buy Blended here. The writing is lovely and honest and this would make a great holiday gift

Write, Rewrite, Repeat a one-day conference brimming withnow now now inspiration and cures for what ails you and ideas to move ahead and see ahead  will be held in Portland on February 20th in Portland, Oregon. More details to come

as always, keep writing, keep dreaming, have heart. and remember just because it’s December and the holiday season doesn’t mean you need to forgo writing, lose your mind, gain ten pounds, and feel rushed with a ginormous to-do list swimming in your head….instead let’s savor precious moments and plot the future, shall we? 

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