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Hiatus is over

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Oct• 26•16

Dear readers who stop in here,

Wanted you to know that my hiatus from blogging is over and I’m back to inspire, nudge, nag, and encourage. I’ve got some great tidbits about writing planned for you that have simmering in some lovely recess of my brain. keep-calm

I’m doing much better after a major surgery and several accidents that made my back pain  and eye problems much too noticeable when I sat at my computer. So things are improving, another season of color and change is upon us, and NaNoWriMo will be starting soon. More to come on prepping for NaNo.

And buckle up if you’re joining that writing frenzy. This would be a good weekend to lay in supplies.

Keep writing, keep dreaming, have heart

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