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Written By: Jessica Morrell - Jul• 07•15

pinpall machine     Writerly  gatherings from  the internets:

1. 20 Amazing Writing Residencies  You Should Apply for is here. 

(This list is from 2014, but the residencies are still viable.)

2. Sadly, the final Scratch magazine is online. The topic, fittingly, is The End. Sigh.

3.  How to Master Anything, at Any Age. The 9 concepts are here. Applies to writing like butter on toast.  

I especially like #8 Master the fundamentals. Launch into the learning process by studying the most fundamental principles. Mastering these will lay a foundation for more complex understanding, creative bursts of inspiration and higher levels of achievement. This kind of proficiency will, in turn, develop our brain in ways that allow us to grasp other subjects and practices more deeply.

These principles are taken from Josh Waitzkin’s book The Art of Learning. He’s the chess player whose story inspired the film Finding Bobby Fisher.

4. Reminder: We all start out life abloom with creativity and wonder–this flowering is available throughout life, in every writing session.

children's bedroom creativityfrom https://parisapartment.wordpress.com

Keep writing, keep dreaming, have heart


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