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Written By: Jessica Morrell - Jan• 01•18

Wishing you a productive year filled with inspiration.

But of course inspiration simply doesn’t fly in the door. We invite it by reading and writing and taking in art. We invite it with stillness and walks and attention. How are you going to achieve your writing goals this year? Are you staking out morning hours for achieving them? Going to write after the kids are in bed? Have you bought new notebooks, joined a class, made a pact, or somehow sent your subconscious signals that you plan to write more often this year?

I wrote by hand a lot last year and I plan to keep this practice going and this winter to write by candlelight. It makes me feel connected to writers through the centuries and it’s a slow, deliberate practice that somehow makes words come easier and increases my focus. Candlelight is also calming, creates a ritual, and if I’m stuck I can stare into the flames and become unstuck. Candlelight encourages introspection and a deep inner quiet.  And candlelight is such a welcome break from the glare of a screen and electric lights in general.

Keep writing, keep dreaming, have heart

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