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Join me in Bellingham, WA at the Chanticleer Authors Conference, April 20-22

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Mar• 31•18

I’ll be teaching on Saturday and Sunday, April 21 & 22 at the Chanticleer Authors Conference in Bellingham, Washington as part of a stellar lineup of presenters and experts.  The conference begins Friday, April 20. You can find the schedule here and details for registering here.

There are a number of options for attending, including the Masters Classes I’m teaching on Sunday, the 23.. In the morning I’m teaching Learning from the Greats because I believe strongly in analyzing great writing to understand how authors achieve plot potency along with emotional resonance. Plan on reading some novel excerpts and short stories as part of this workshop. In the afternoon I’m teaching the Anchor Scenes of Fiction. In this workshop I distill the underlying story structure that’s easy to implement and essential to your understanding of fiction. On Saturday I’m teaching a workshop on Subtext, the River Beneath the Story and leading a “kaffee klatch’ What’s in a Title?   As usual, I plan on making the sessions fun and lively while mind stretching. I’ll be posting more information, so please stay tuned.

If you don’t live in the area, here’s info on lodging. And if you’re a tulip fan like me, nearby Skagit Valley will have a glorious tulip festival going on. It’s worth a visit too. The colors are gorgeous.

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