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Join me on June 1, Hillsboro, Oregon for From Idea to Story

Written By: Jessica Morrell - May• 23•17

I’m thrilled to help kick off an exciting new lineup of speakers in Washington County.

Join us on June 1 for the first Writers Forum at Insomnia Coffee, 317 Main Street, Hillsboro.

I’ll be speaking from 7-8 on From Idea to Story

Writers have long grappled with the problem of taking a flash of inspiration through the marathon process of completing a finished work. That flash is your premise. But a premise on its own is flimsy, must be build up and needs the perfect story people to bring it to life until it becomes a compelling, awe-inspiring tale of… whatever it is you long to tell. This talk, for writers of all levels, will address key issues that must be confronted if you are going to assemble a myriad of pieces into a seamless whole. These issues include finding a shape for your story; how to treat plot and character as interdependent; how to avoid typical pitfalls when working. We’ll discuss fears at play such as an inability to finish and how to achieve the habit of completion. We’ll cover the basics of plotting, or if you’re writing a memoir, choosing the right elements and order for it.

Get your hand limber for note taking since we have lots to cover!

Check out: washingtoncountywriters.com for  more information.

Quick Take

It comes to you from nowhere, an idea for a story or novel floating into your imagination like a gift from the gods. Or perhaps you read an item in the newspaper or hear a captivating tale at a party that sets your heart afire. If you’re wise you’ll jot down the idea immediately—after all, the gods are fickle and just might wrest the idea from your memory if you don’t record it. And if you’re wiser still you’ll spend time musing over the storyline and the characters before you start writing. Now, you might be inclined to plunge right in, capturing the fire of your fresh story. But effective fiction taps into the reader’s emotions and longings, stirs his imagination, and embraces him in its spell. So as you begin try to keep the big picture or overall narrative in mind. Consider the many layered techniques needed and ponder the classic journalistic questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why?


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