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Merriam Webster adds 455 New Words

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Oct• 28•21

English, the ultimate mongrel language, is always evolving.

And word geek that I am, whenever new words are added to the dictionary I’m fascinated and excited. How about you? For example joining the party: whataboutism, amirite, digital nomad, and dad bod.  

Many words reflect contemporary circumstances such as long COVID, super-spreader, and vaccine passport. There’s also astroturf which means political messages, campaigns, and organizations that seem like a grassroots efforts run by ordinary people, but are actually backed  by a powerful group. You can read more here.

And don’t be afraid to invent your own word mashups and search out inventive, resonant word pairs. I jot them down….honeymoon luster, fawning prig, feral cunning. 

Keep writing, keep dreaming, keep collecting fresh language.

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