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Practical insights for writers from Jessica P Morrell

Post-election advice for grieving writers:

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Nov• 10•16


If you’re scared or angry or feeling disenfranchised, write. If you are choking on grief, write. If you’re worried about future Supreme Court nominees, write. If you’re worried about our political system in the largest possible terms, write.

Create stories like our lives depend on them because they do.  Create stories because storytelling is  generous, important, and uniting. Write to prove we cannot be cowed or terrorized or mocked. Write to feel less alone. Write to protest and howl so the sound of your soul ache reaches the farthest star.

Writing will bring you back to your body. Writing will help you notice  what is immutable, beautiful, and true all around you. This noticing will help you break through fear. Write and your heart will begin to stitch back together.

Make art and stories because they heal and are an expression of your soul. Make art starry-nightbecause art prevails through the ages and brings meaning to a sometimes disheartening reality. Make art because we need beauty.

Step up. Or perhaps I should say sit. Get quiet in your writing space or studio. Now is the time.


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