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Quick Take: Get into your body

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Aug• 14•14

ballet girlsOur minds are crowded little places and we too often sit at our computers our breaths shallow and shoulders riding high. Or, after hours spent alone in your head it feels like an echo chamber. Yet your inner knowing is connected to your heart beat, your breath, your bones. The more you write from your body, the truer the words.

From time to time during your writing sessions, drop down into body awareness and the stillness that’s underneath all things. Not your emotions, not your thoughts, but in your body, through and through. Your bones know the truth. As does your heart. Listen in. Your body holds the knowledge your writing needs.
Feel your pulse, notice your breath. You might need to get out of your chair and assume a yoga position. Or simply sit with your eyes closed. Feel your shoulders, your fingers, the aches in your lower back. Quiet the voice or chatter that loops through your days. Slow your breath. Work at making your body quiet and soft as you release tension.

If becoming still is not your style, then dance or go for a walk, feeling your arms move through space, your feet connected to the ground.

The body, your ally, knows. Quiet makes room for inspiration.

Keep writing, keep dreaming, have heart


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