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Quick Take: Stand Your Ground

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Sep• 23•21

Actually I’m talking about the people or story people in your stories. Readers need to know exactly where these folks are located. At all times. Is he or she  standing on a dock watching a purple-hued sunset, or  on a beach gazing in wonder at a  forever sky, or a character waiting impatiently in a crowded grocery store  line with bad music playing too loud while a baby’s wails grows louder and more shrill?

Where is your character located in relation to others? What does the distance between them suggest? Are you suggesting intimacy or hostility by the pair’s posture and body language?

And what  else does his or her body communicate? Does she feel safe in this place? At peace? Or eyes darting around, searching out dangers? Arms akimbo or wrapped across her chest?

And speaking of grounding readers in your story, pull in other aspects of the scene.  Use details to paint the emotional tone, whether it’s tension or gloom  or terror or joy.

Keep writing, keep dreaming, invite magic, stay inspired

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