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Reboot/Course Correction

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Jul• 05•20

With July fourth behind us, in the beginning of the second half of the year, I’m assessing my goals because it’s time for a reboot, or more accurately, a course correction. 2020 has been a discombobulating, scary, uncertain slog. It’s like being in an endless storm, the eye of the storm, and nightmare all combined. Now, of course there have been lighter moments, joys, and reasons for hope. I’m especially heartened that more than 26 million Americans protested the death of George Floyd. And the beautiful, heartfelt response as the world joined in.

But no matter how your year is going, or your goals are progressing, there’s still plenty of time to recalculate the months ahead. I’m thinking of the big course corrections that are sometimes required—a space shuttle, a wagon train headed west, a ship exploring the unknown, a polar expedition. Life or death situations.

Some days writing or the need to write feels like life or death. Or a deep, immutable soul need. And has there ever been a time when the world needed writers  more? I think not.

What about you?

Are you on course toward your goals or avoiding or not even focusing on goals?

Are you reading for sustenance and elucidation?

Is a friend or another writer helping you stay accountable?

Have you finetuned  a daily routine that sustains you?

There is still time for accomplishment despite the headlines, the looming election, the terrifying number of COVID cases.

Keep writing, keep  dreaming, have heart 

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