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Reframing writer’s block: Maybe the Secret to Writing is not Writing

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Sep• 24•19

It’s a drizzly morning in Oregon and I was gazing out my window at a raised bed of tomatoes, drooping in the wet, with many fruit still on the vine. Peering into the gloom and wondering how many are ready to pick. I was wondering about my next gardening steps since this autumn seems too wet to plant fall crops. Should I let the bed go fallow over the winter, plant a cover crop?

And then I returned to my computer and clicked on this insightful, thoughtful and practical piece by Kate Angus  at LitHub. I believe you’ll find reassurances and wisdom as you read along. Especially if you’ve felt stalled or stymied lately.

I understand my process as a field–sometimes I’m harvesting and sometimes I must let the field lie fallow or seed it with new experiences so new growth can germinate.”

Keep dreaming, keep finding inspiration wherever you go

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