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Storytellers ought not be too tame….

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Nov• 28•17

Rains are here again today–steady thrumming against the tin roof of my porch, the backdrop as I work on a client’s story. I’m still eating Thanksgiving leftovers, getting over a cold, and wearing layers as befitting my circumstances. A house not as snug as I’d like during these short days of winter’s looming.  But, I’m looking forward to the magic of more holidays. Yes, I’m one of those people who believe in the goodness and magic and beauty of the winter holidays. Bring on the carols, the decorations, the baking, the gatherings.

As for this gem, I could not agree with this more.

“Storytellers ought not be too tame. They should be wild creatures who function adequately in society. They are best in disguise. If they lose all their wildness they cannot give us the truest joys.” ~ Ben Okri

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