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Stretch as Far as You Can

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Apr• 02•17

I’ve worked  with hundreds of writers over the years and if there’s one thing I learned is that writers need to stretch as far as they can.

As in take the biggest risk.  Stage a madcap scenario or the bleakest dystopian future. Imagine the weirdest, most difficult character. Write about a topic that truly scares you. Or keeps you awake past the midnight hours, worrying, pissed off, twisting, tossing.

Step into your own unknown. There is no safe in writing if you’re writing truth. If you’re penning what hurts or what needs saying.  Write for the next generations.

The words and stories and nasty protagonists and your need-to-change-the world ideas are your birthright. 

It’s been said before, but open up that vein. Your wildest imaginings are needed. Your storytelling vision is essential to the planet.

Contribute to the adventure and wonderment  and betterment of humankind.

And do it right. Learning, always learning how to nail a concept or flesh out a character or plot a storyline.

Because these times we live in require all of us reporting and responding and somehow making a better world. Showing the way. Even if takes an evil or mad-as-a-hatter character to do so. Even if you are revealing parts of yourself you’d prefer to remain hidden.

Keep writing, keep dreaming, have heart

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