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Words are All We Have: Maeinschein

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Jun• 15•18

Do you have a favorite color? Mine is green, but especially the shades of spring green found in the Pacific Northwest. I could rhapsodize for hours on the many shades and their shimmery magic. When I hike I’m always pausing to point out the light illuminating spring leaves. But then I often pause while noticing how light transforms green on every hike I undertake. I’m not a tromp-through-to-the-end-type of hiker.

Recently I learned a word from author Robert Macfarlane that I need to pass along: Maeinschein. It’s German and means May light on spring leaves. Or more precisely, “the green-gold sunlight that falls through the young leaves of trees and woods in spring/May. Literally “May-light”, “May-shine.”

The German language also brings us Fruhlingsgefuhle which means the joy, excitement felt in spring when the sun is shining and the world feels new with buds and flowers. It also means spring fever.

Keep writing, keep dreaming, have heart

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