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Written By: Jessica Morrell - May• 14•16

Sherlock HolmesYour protagonist must be worthy of the challenges in the story. Because when things go wrong— which is what fiction is all about– the protagonist will somehow set them right. He or she acts and reacts, solves problems to bring balance back to the world that became unbalanced in the first story events. Your protagonist must bring it.

His/her capacity for solving the story problem will come from his/her primary personality traits. Master detective Sherlock Holmes is observant, smart, analytical, and fearless. He’s the perfect man for the job. To defeat Moriarty, to venture into the moors to uncover the truth of mysterious happenings, to help the King of Bohemia recover incriminating photographs.

Your protagonist’s main personality traits are always showcased when he or she is at work on the story problem. This is a really simple method for creating and thinking about your main character.

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