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Written By: Jessica Morrell - Sep• 29•18

Every time I leave home more autumn colors are blazing and flaming, transforming the countryside. A few times when I was in my car on back roads I just wanted to keep driving into the changing light. Like millions I watched the Kavenaugh hearing this week and like many millions I joined the important conversations about sexual assault and who belongs serving on our federal courts. With my thoughts spinning and my mood pingponging, I’ve started writing down ideas and memories, trying to shape my experiences into a meaningful contribution.

Jeff Flake listens to assault survivors demanding to be heard

I’ve also been so heartened by activists demonstrating, citizens marching, phoning, writing, and visiting their representatives. Americans are becoming engaged and taking our roles as citizens and global citizens seriously. While this difficult process unfolds, a midterm  election is fast approaching. There’s so much you can do to contribute, to help candidates and causes you believe in. If you cannot travel to embattled states or districts, you can  make phone calls, you can contact representatives, and you can write and get out the vote via postcardstovoters.org. It has all the how-tos you’ll need including templates you can download and inspiring examples. I’ve been buying the plain, pre-stamped cards at my post office and these days I’m sketching in blue waves.


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