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Your Word of the Year

Written By: Jessica Morrell - Dec• 31•21

It’s that time. To bid 2021 adieu.

Kick it down the road.

And look ahead.

As I’ve written here before, in late December I choose a word to focus on during the upcoming year. I focus on the word because it signifies my mindset and intentions. It serves as a touchstone, mantra, and theme to help me succeed. Let me add lazar to that list. Typically my words are a combo of hope and traits, characteristics I’m turning up the volume on such as breakthrough, steadfast, grit, and published.¬† ¬†My word conveys what I need more of.

Some years this technique was smashing, The past few years events and circumstances pulled me into a fast-moving river when I wasn’t even in the mood for getting wet. Then, at times there were also slow rivers needed for respite. Or recovery.

With pandemic restrictions and curtailed travel I’ve had plenty of time to take stock. I’m guessing you’ve had much to reflect on too. Had time to gaze back, dust off old memories, review lessons learned, and reminisce over sweet times. I’ve also been reading my older writing and unfinished projects. Have you? Happy to report I’ve reviewed a lot of great material I’ll be bringing into the world along with new thoughts about the writing life.

I’ve also been assessing parts of my life and career that need bolstering.

A few times in the past, January 1 would approach and I was still vacillating between words. For 2022 I’m switching things up because I have more than one in mind and that’s just fine with me. {Rips away curtain}: Rebuild, Manifest, Sure-footed*,Focused, Optimistic.

I assumed I wasn’t the only one who was forced to expand their theme word family. Turns out I was right. I found this terrific piece on Medium by Shaunta Grimes. She’s got a slew of ideas, including choosing a Word of the Month.

*Incapacitating¬† sprained ankle a few months back reminds me to always pay attention to my feet and where they’re landing and a reminder that I can be surefooted in all its implications.


CONTENDERS: Thrive, Magic, Simplify, Forward, Balance, Prosperous, Diligent, Ease, Grace, Fearless, Capable, Audacious, Unstoppable, Warrior, Bad ass.

Wait just a minute: Might need to add unstoppable badass warrior.

I’m on it.

Wishing you the best year possible.

See you in 2022

Keep dreaming, stay focused, and write like your life depends on it.

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